Daniel Cormier: Michael Chandler no longer prioritizes the UFC championship

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Daniel Cormier: Michael Chandler no longer prioritizes the UFC championship
Daniel Cormier: Michael Chandler no longer prioritizes the UFC championship

Michael Chandler is one of those fighters whose priority is to give fans an entertaining fight, regardless of the consequences for himself. The UFC recognizes this very well and gives him opportunities that according to many he did not deserve, but every time he is in the cage, you know that you can expect a great fight.

At UFC 281, he had one such event, but he was defeated by "submission" in the third round against Dustin Poirier and reached a record of 2-3 in the UFC, but it must be admitted that he was losing to the best lightweight fighters.

According to Chandler, a fight with McGregor would smash pay-per-view records. In addition, he sees a fight with Masvidal (35-16 MMA, 12-9 UFC) as a promising one, Although the negative ratio can be corrected, the question is whether Chandler still has the goal of winning the UFC belt.

Daniel Cormier believes that is not the case.

UFC championship is no longer Michael Chandler’s top priority.

“This tells me that Mike’s focus has shifted a bit,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel.

“It feels like now the title isn’t at the forefront for Michael Chandler, because the guys that he’s calling aren’t in championship contention. You all know that Jorge Masvidal’s championship days are a bit behind him, and Conor McGregor also is not in title contention”.

“Mike’s focused on two fights because they’re fun, they’re tough fights, they make sense, but they’re also two of the biggest names in the game,” Cormier said. “… Michael Chandler saying he wants these dudes, it just tells me that the mindset is changing a little bit”.

Chandler has already attacked the title once and that was in his second UFC match, and he was defeated by Charles Oliveira. He went on to lose to Gaethje and beat Ferguson, but Poirier finished him in the final round this month.

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