Michael Bisping believes fans underestimate Masvidal

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Michael Bisping believes fans underestimate Masvidal

There has been a lot of talk lately that Jorge Masvidal will be the next opponent for Gilbert Burns at the UFC 283 event in Brazil, but the other day there was information that this will not be the case. Neil Magny will fight Burns, so we still won't see Masvidal in the cage.

Although this fight failed, Masvidal is still not in a good situation because he has three defeats in a row, albeit against the very cream of the welterweight category. First, he was defeated twice by Kamaru Usman, and in his most recent appearance, he lost to Colby Covington.

It is necessary to take into account who Masvidal really lost to and not write him off too soon, and Michael Bisping agrees with that. “The 2019 run of Jorge Masvidal was incredible,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel.

“He knocked out Darren Till. He knocked out Ben Askren and scored the quickest knockout ever in UFC history, and then beat down Nate Diaz (and) became the BMF. But then he lost three in a row. “(He lost) two to Kamaru Usman, one to Colby Covington, and for some reason, MMA fans – they are so quick to write people off.

They are so fickle. Granted, we are only as good as our last fight inside the octagon, but come on. He only lost to Kamaru and Colby, the two best fighters on the planet in welterweight until Leon Edwards came along”.

Bisping says Masvidal is a real fighter.

“The thing about Masvidal and the thing that everyone respects is that he’ll fight everybody,” Bisping said.

“He will. He tried fighting me. He’s a natural fighter and he’s one of those guys that’s cut from that old-school mentality. He’s not an athlete, he’s not one of the best wrestlers, he’s not one of the best kickboxers – but he’s one of the best fighters.

He has got fighter’s heart and mentality and brain. He’s as game as they come”. Although it's true that he lost to the best, Masvidal still hasn't arranged a fight. If McGregor comes back and starts fighting in the welterweight division, it will be much clearer why he waited.