Israel Adesanya says he would bet a house on Alex Volkanovski against Makhachev

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Israel Adesanya says he would bet a house on Alex Volkanovski against Makhachev

The UFC 284 event will take place in the second month in Australia, and will be headlined by Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev. For a long time, the champion of the featherweight category announced the transition to the lightweight category and an attack on the belt, and now that the category finally has a champion, that fight was expressly agreed upon.

Mahkachev won the belt at the UFC 280 event and defeated Charles Oliveira by "submission" in the second round, and after the fight Volkanovski entered the cage and challenged the new champion. Islam accepted it and the fight was officially agreed upon, and in the second month, we will see who is truly better.

Fans have already started predicting the outcome of this fight, and many of them believe that Volkanovski is too small for Makhachev and that physicality will have a decisive influence there.

Israel Adesanya does not agree with that.

“Volk used to be a fat guy.

Like, a big boy, brawley, played rugby. When you walk around with that kind of body mass for years, you develop a different kind of muscle density,” Adesanya said during a recent appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast (h/t MMA News).

“Even with Volk, I’ve tried to hold him down. I’m not the greatest wrestler, but even with my frame and leverage, it’s hard. He finds his way back up. (He’s) a crafty veteran. His inside leg kick, his jabs, his hand control; all that sh*t, he’s crafty”.

“Islam is great. These Dagi boys, they know what they’re doing… But I truly, gun to my head, could bet my whole house on him. Volk is just different,” he added. “Volk is the kind of guy — even when he cuts weight, the amount he cuts, for him to have the cardio he has in the later rounds… it’s mind-blowing.

The man’s different”. No one stopped Volkanovski in the UFC, and he practically cleaned up the featherweight division. After that, an attack on the belt in a higher category is quite a logical move for him, and we will finally find out what will decide in that fight.