Khamzat Chimaev explains why the boos at UFC 279 did not bother him

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Khamzat Chimaev explains why the boos at UFC 279 did not bother him

A lot of fighters have been called out by Khamzat Chimaev lately, and perhaps the most significant was the call-out for the new middleweight champion. Immediately after Pereira won the belt, Khamzat called him out and asked to fight in the twelfth month, but Pereira did not respond, so the chances of that are zero.

On the other hand, it has been rumored for a long time that the next opponent for Chimaev will be Colby Covington, although there is still no official information. Dana White has said that he will look to organizations that fight sometime in 2023, and that is practically the only official information that is known for now.

Before UFC 279, Chimaev exceeded the weight limit for the welterweight category by 3.5 kilograms, after which he was criticized by the entire fighting community. Khamzat then accepted the role of a "gangster" and said that such things motivate him even more.

Chimaev eager to show everyone he is fit for the titel

“When everyone’s against you…your energy is going down, and they charge you again,” Chimaev said. “When somebody’s saying ‘they were never gonna be champion, they were never going to do this and that, I become crazy.

I become crazy to show them I can do it…these are fans, these aren’t my family, they don’t live with me, and aren’t my problems. I do my job… “It doesn’t matter if they do it. I’m just gonna go to the cage.

Smash the guys, and they can’t do anything when I beat the guy who they love”. In the end, he also said that he is only interested in winning and not bothering with comments, and his goal is of course the title.

Whether the fight between Khamzat and Colby will really happen, we will find out in the coming period. "They want [me to fight] in March. I said to [UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby] and Dana, I'm ready for Pereira in Brazil as well," Chimaev said.

"Directly after that, March. If Colby wants to fight, I'll take my [middleweight] title and go back to [welterweight]."