Israel Adesanya hopes to headline UFC Africa in 2023: Come on, man. It’s us.

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Israel Adesanya hopes to headline UFC Africa in 2023: Come on, man. It’s us.

Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman and Francis Ngannou, A.K.A "African Brothers" have long advocated a UFC event in Africa where all three would defend their belts. With Usman and Adesanya losing their belts, Ngannou was the only champion left.

However, Israel Adesanya still believes that it is not too late for the UFC event in Africa. “We literally had a meeting the other day, and we’re seriously talking about Africa now,” White said. “We’re starting to look at venues and cities to hold an event.

Africa is going to happen very soon”. Adesanya lost his belt to Alex Pereira this month, and Poatan defeated him by TKO in the fifth round. In the fifth round, Kamaru Usman also lost his belt when he was knocked out by Leon Edwards, and both of them certainly expect rematches with the challengers who "undressed" them, so there is still hope for the event in Africa.

“We can build [an arena],” he said. “My people will”.

“No. F— no,” he said “F— the belt. Come on, man. We’re us. It’s us. What we’ve done is still etched in history forever.

There’s moments in history that will never, ever be — also, it’s not over. But, like I said, there’s moments in history that will never be captured again. That will never be replicated again, and I am very proud to say I was part of that.

Or, I am part of that, because we’re still writing the book. This ain’t over. Game ain’t over. “I thought it was game over, but I guess we put in the coin again and play again,” he added. “We can do it.

I just ... I know my people,” Adesanya said. “Too much greed, too much red tape, and too much corruption. But, money talks, and the UFC has a lot of money. I’m being honest. I love my people, but the government? My people are beautiful people, but the government can be corrupt.

Very corrupt. If they see dollar signs, it’ll be ‘OK, we need this and that.’ I don’t know how all that s— works, but trust me. Growing up in Nigeria, money talks”. If both he and Usman get their belts back in the upcoming rematches, the UFC might do it. But, regardless of that, the question is how much the show in Africa is in the interest of the company.