Javier Mendez believes Islam Makhachev must do more to earn P4P ranking

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Javier Mendez believes Islam Makhachev must do more to earn P4P ranking
Javier Mendez believes Islam Makhachev must do more to earn P4P ranking

Last month, Islam Makhachev defeated Charles Oliveira at the UFC 280 event and took the lightweight belt, and after half a year of absence, that prestigious place finally got an owner. In addition to the belt in his category, Islam came in second place in the "pound-for-pound" rankings and was right behind featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

However, his coach Javier Mendez does not think that Islam deserved it. Although he believes that he is the best fighter in the world, he believes that he still has a lot to prove in the UFC for him to truly be considered the best.

“Look, you know this just as much as I do, Islam went to No. 2 spot pound-for-pound in the UFC in just one fight? How?,” Mendez told MMAJunkie. “I know he’s good, and I believe he’s No. 1. I do believe that.

But to give him that spot of No. 2 pound-for-pound in just one fight, no. I know in my heart with time he’ll be No. 1. Simple as that. He’s going to be No. 1. But they gave him this just because of one fight.

Mendez does not think his student deserves such a high ranking

“No, I don’t like that.

It was done too quickly”. “He’s the man, but he needs to do more,” Mendez said. “That’s what I believe. He needs to beat Volkanovski, then Dariush. He needs to beat those guys, so you can say he’s No.

1. “Look at what Volkanovski is doing. He mopped the floor with all the challengers that are in his weight class. Everyone. He cleared them all out. Islam needs to clear everyone out. Again, I feel he’s No. 1, but in order to get that you need to finish everyone, that’s how it works.

That’s how I think”. Makhachev is fighting against Volkanovski in the second month, and then he will have the opportunity to impress his coach again.

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