Aljamain Sterling: I’m announcing that I am going to fight Henry Cejudo next

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Aljamain Sterling: I’m announcing that I am going to fight Henry Cejudo next

Aljamain Sterling was trying to somehow avoid Henry Cejudo and demanded that Cejudo do at least one match before attacking the UFC bantamweight title held by Sterling. Sterling even singled out Sean O'Malley as a fighter more deserving of that shot at the belt, but that seems to be the end of the story.

Henry Cejudo will be the next challenger for the bantamweight title. “I’m announcing that I am going to fight Henry next,” Sterling said. “We are targeting March. I will say Ali, brother, it’s done but it’s still not done until there’s ink on the paper but it’s done.

But it’s still kind of not done but this is the fight that’s going to happen next. “This fight is going to happen. Obviously, you guys saw the face off with myself and Henry Cejudo. I have no problem fighting Henry.

Never ducked anybody a day in my life. The UFC gives me the toughest competition and I always step up to the plate and I always win, except for that one time when I got sent to Neptune against Marlon Moraes. For the most part, I typically win”.

Face off:

Henry Cejudo is a former UFC bantam and flyweight champion. In mid-2020, he made his last UFC appearance, and after a victory over Dominick Cruz, Cejudo retired. It is common knowledge that Cejudo was hoping to extract a more generous contract to return to the cage, but the UFC has not shown much interest in doing so.

Meanwhile, Cejudo wanted to compete and will return to the cage after a break of almost three years. Time will tell how smart it is to immediately jump into the title match. Sterling is looking forward to this fight. Cejudo's return is a great thing if Cejudo returns to his former form.

Before retiring, Henry seemed like a fighter who could dominate the flyweight or bantamweight division for a long time, and it's a real shame that he wasted the best years of his career hoping for a bigger contract. In the second month of the coming year, Cejudo will celebrate his 36th birthday and it is assumed that he will not be performing for much longer.