Jorge Masvidal on Gilbert Burns: "This guy loses his s*** like I ever.."


Jorge Masvidal on Gilbert Burns: "This guy loses his s*** like I ever.."

Jorge Masvidal responded to Gilbert Burns' statements regarding Masvidal as well as turning down several fight offers. “From my end, this fight was offered, but never officially, and I always just shut it down because I couldn’t fight,” Masvidal told MMA Fighting.

“The dates that they wanted, we never said anything about to fight anybody in November or December, and I said, if I’m ready, maybe I can go January, February if everything is right. But I wasn’t ready, and I told them that in mid-November." Masvidal believes that Burns presented things differently and that the picture is totally different.

“I don’t know when they decided to tell Gilbert, ‘Hey, he’s not taking the January fight,’ and this guy loses his s*** like I ever promised him a dance”.

Jorge Masvidal on the fight

Jorge Masvidal could be ready in March or April.

Then he is ready to face anyone. However, we still don't know what will happen. The situation seems very complicated. “The only dance I promised him was in March or April, whenever it is that Leon fights,” Masvidal said.

“I told these guys, ‘I’ll be ready to go then. I know for a fact I could go in March or April, so let’s go.’ Jorge believes that Burn uses moments like this to increase his popularity. Masvidal has no problem fighting him, but certain conditions that Burns has do not satisfy him.

“I put the word out there, [they] send the contract to Gilbert and he says, ‘No I don’t want to fight, I want to fight in Brazil.’ So go fight in Brazil, man. Just keep my name out of your mouth, bro.

Every time he mentions my name he gets a couple thousand followers so I guess that’s the gimmick he’s doing”. Both are great fighters, and according to many, the UFC would like this fight to happen.

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