Aljamain Sterling Delays Bantamweight Title Defense for Injury Rehabilitation

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Aljamain Sterling Delays Bantamweight Title Defense for Injury Rehabilitation

After suffering from an injury for some time, the UFC bantamweight champion decided to rehabilitate it. It is safe to assume that Aljamain Sterling will attempt to defend his belt for the third time against Henry Cejudo, who retired from the sport in mid-2020.

"Triple C" is ready to return to the ring to challenge Sterling for the bantamweight championship. The match was supposed to take place in the spring, but it may now take place in the summer. “I’m going to need this bicep to compete at 100 percent, and I don’t take Henry Cejudo lightly.

... I’ve got to make sure I’m in shape, and it’s hard to get in shape when I have this thing compromised with me the entire time,” Sterling said on his Weekly Scraps video podcast. "I fought 2x and did 2 training camps with this partially torn bicep tendon, to keep moving the division for the fans and the UFC.

Now it’s time to properly address it. I’ve stated this before AND after the last fight. When is it fair for athletes to look after their body?" stated Aljamain Sterling on his tweeter account.

The Risk of Surgery

“If you guys want to be mad at me, it is what it is.

I’ve had fans mad at me nonstop for 13 months. It’s water off a duck’s back. I can’t push myself to do something I can’t physically do. I’ve fought twice in a calendar year, and I’ve fought both of those fights compromised ...

and I got through those fights. ... It’s the fight before the fight." "We’re fighters, we all go in there compromised, but what I’m trying to not have to happen is to go through an entire training camp, or almost an entire training camp, waste four to six weeks, maybe seven? Who wants to see that? Why am I going to risk a third time, where if I completely snap it, I have to have surgery”.