Daniel Cormier Thinks Ciryl Gane Presents Tougher Matchup for Jones than Ngannou

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Daniel Cormier Thinks Ciryl Gane Presents Tougher Matchup for Jones than Ngannou

The news of Jon Jones' return to the UFC has been confirmed, with Jones set to make his heavyweight debut against Cyril Gane at UFC 285 in April, with the vacant heavyweight title on the line. In addition, it was announced that Francis Ngannou and the UFC have parted ways, though it is currently unclear where Ngannou will continue his career.

Despite this, Daniel Cormier has stated that he believes Gane will prove to be an even more challenging opponent for Jones than Ngannou would have been. “I thought Jon vs. Francis was the biggest and my most anticipated fight because of the dangers that Francis Ngannou presents to Jon Jones with the power and everything,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel.

“But let’s not go crazy and act as if Jon Jones hasn’t seen power before. He’s seen power. Nothing like the power of Ngannou, but I believe that what he has now may be a more difficult style matchup in Ciryl Gane..”.

Cormier's analysis on Gane

“Ciryl Gane’s movement, and the way that he attacks is going to make him very difficult for Jones, because as good as Jones is, Jones isn’t a guy that moves very much. He’s very stationary and going forward.

He’s long, so he uses those long range weapons to really take control of guys like me and other guys he’s fought in the octagon. But he’s not a guy that moves around and creates a ton of angles. A lot of straight and long range weapons...

The issue is with Ciryl Gane, you’re going to have a big guy who possesses a lot of those same qualities, with the ability to move. Go back and watch Jones, he’s pretty flatfooted. Gane isn’t”. “Jones still holds some advantages, though,” Cormier said.

“I think his fight I.Q. is unmatched. I think his preparation is going to be really, really high level, especially seeing that he’s working with Henry Cejudo... Whatever you may think of Cejudo, he’s a brilliant fight mind.

He’s a brilliant competitive mind. There aren’t many people like Henry Cejudo in the history of sports, so Jones going there is a very smart decision”.