Ciryl Gane Reacts to Francis Ngannou Leaving UFC and His Fight With Jon Jones

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Ciryl Gane Reacts to Francis Ngannou Leaving UFC and His Fight With Jon Jones

Dana White acknowledged that the release of the poster for the Jon Jones vs. Cyril Gane fight by the T-Mobile Arena staff was a mistake, but emphasized that the important thing is that Jones' highly-anticipated heavyweight debut is officially taking place.

Gane will be his opponent and the fight is set for April 3rd. Despite the challenge Gane will face, he also commented on the recent news of Francis Ngannou leaving the UFC and declining a record-breaking contract offer. “Everybody knows the situation with Francis and Jon Jones,” Gane explained when asked about his tweet at the UFC Vegas 67 post-fight press conference.

“We’re going to wait how long? How many times are we going to wait? So hey guys, we’re here. I think it was a great decision. Twenty-four hours after, we got great news. I’m really, really happy”. “Maybe three days after the fight against Francis, after I lost, I looked forward,” Gane said.

“I looked to the future. “I’m not in his head. I don’t know what is his plan. I know he wants to move, he wants to make some pressure on the UFC, [UFC President] Dana [White] and [UFC COO] Hunter [Campbell], he posted on Instagram some pictures with another organization, some stuff like that with boxing with Tyson Fury.

Maybe he wants to move. I don’t know exactly, but it’s not my worry”.

Gane's thoughts on Jon Jones

“When I started watching this, Jon Jones was one of my favorite fighters,” Gane revealed. “More when I started MMA, because I’m a fan of every sport in MMA, and when you look at a guy like Jon Jones, who’s well-rounded like this, you really appreciate it.

He’s the GOAT. Look at his career. “Today, I’m a young fighter, and I think it’s the dream of every young fighter to fight against a GOAT. This is really crazy for me”. “Both are going to help me grow my career, and both are really exciting,” Gane said.

“That’s a great question. Both. Because I’ve never had this belt, and because fighting against this guy is going to be really crazy”.