Paul Felder believes that Jon Jones will excel in the heavyweight division


Paul Felder believes that Jon Jones will excel in the heavyweight division

Jones has officially announced a date and opponent for his heavyweight debut, set to face off against Cyril Gane at UFC 285 on April 3rd. A decade ago, Jones had expressed interest in making the move to the heavyweight division, but at the time he was dominating the light heavyweight division and ultimately decided against it.

Now, after ten years, we will finally see one of the greatest fighters of all time compete in the heavyweight division, with Paul Felder predicting that Jones will excel in this new weight class. “I think as long as he uses what makes Jon Jones the superstar and the champion that he was — his fight IQ and figuring guys out and how to approach them — I think as long as he can do that, I think [heavyweight] might even be a little bit easier,” Felder explained on The Fighter vs.

The Writer. “Because at light heavyweight guys are a little bit faster, they’re not quite as big. “If he gets these big lumbering guys and makes them miss, makes them make mistakes and uses his footwork, uses his angles, uses his takedowns, I mean he’s so good everywhere.

He’s got great boxing, great elbows from distance. I think those are the things that he’s got to do”.

Expectations for Jones' comeback

“I don’t want to say he got lazy towards the end of his light heavyweight career but he had beaten everybody,” Felder said when addressing Jones’ final few fights at 205 pounds.

“I think he was getting a little lackadaisical in there”. “When he makes his return at heavyweight, I think they’ll be a little bit more ‘I’m not f****** around here, this isn’t my 12th title defense, I need to go out there and get the job done,’” Felder said.

“I think he’ll be looking to make a statement when he does comeback”. “Let’s get you in there before we’re saying how good Jon Jones could’ve been at heavyweight if he hadn’t taken X amount of years off,” Felder said. “I hate that this has taken his long.

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