Cormier's Analysis of Jones vs Gane matchup and Implications for Heavyweight Division

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Cormier's Analysis of Jones vs Gane matchup and Implications for Heavyweight Division

Francis Ngannou's departure from the UFC has caused quite a stir and will likely be a topic in the near future. The UFC is now without a heavyweight champion and Ngannou is not retiring but instead seeking a new home in another MMA organization.

As a result, the UFC may lose its claim to having the best heavyweight champion in the world. Some may agree with UFC President Dana White's assertion that Ngannou is "running" from a fight with Jon Jones, but former champion Daniel Cormier disagrees with that theory.

“Isn’t it ironic that Jon Jones is fighting for a vacant championship? Do you guys remember what I went through when I won the (vacant) belt?” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “Now it’s different.

Jon hasn’t fought Francis before, but isn’t it ironic that he’s in this situation now? My advice to you, Jon, is get thick skin, because people will be unrelenting. Right now, because Francis left, it’s almost like Francis avoided Jones.

That’s not true.

Cormier's Analysis of Jones vs Gane

“I honestly believe this matchup is a much better matchup for us as fans, because technically you have two guys that are going to be as skilled as we have ever seen in the heavyweight division,” Cormier said.

“This is coming from me, a guy that has fought in the heavyweight division, has held the championship, that fought some of the best in the world. “Ciryl Gane’s movements and the way he attacks is going to make him very difficult for Jones.

Because as good as Jones is, Jones isn’t a guy that moves very much. He’s very stationary and going forward. He’s long, so he uses those long-range weapons to really take control of guys like me and other guys he fought in the octagon.

But he’s not a guy that moves around and creates a ton of angles. A lot of straight and long-range weapons. … The issue with Ciryl Gane is you’re going to have a bigger guy that possesses a lot of those same qualities with the ability to move.