Jon Jones Says He Has ‘Nothing But Respect’ For Daniel Cormier

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Jon Jones Says He Has ‘Nothing But Respect’ For Daniel Cormier

The rivalry between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier was one of the most captivating in the history of the UFC. Although Cormier was unable to defeat Jones in their two matches, they gave fans two top-notch fights that will always be remembered fondly.

However, it seems that the two fighters have put their differences behind them, and Jones has nothing but respect for Cormier.

A Conclusive Victory

In January 2015, Jones and Cormier first met in the octagon, and Jones emerged victorious in a convincing manner.

The rematch took place about a year and a half later, and Jones was once again declared the winner, though the fight was later declared a "no contest" due to Jones failing a doping test. Despite the bad blood that lingered after the second match, Jones had nothing but positive things to say about Cormier in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, “I’m not competing against Daniel Cormier,” Jones said.

“I’ve already beat him twice. I’m really happy for Daniel Cormier. I love what he’s done in his life with his wrestling and broadcasting. I think it’s awesome when a fighter can retire and use his voice and intelligence to do something that he loves, so I’ve got nothing but respect for Daniel Cormier”.

Jones Returns to the Cage

Jones is now set to make his return to the cage, but this time in the heavyweight category. He will make his first match against Cyril Gane, with the stake being the heavyweight championship, which was left vacant after Ngannou left the UFC.

He spoke about his comeback, saying, "I’m excited, I’m grateful, I feel humble, I feel appreciated by the company I work for, I feel like I’m in a really good place,” Jones told The Underground. “MMA feels fun to me again.

Obviously, with being out for three years and a new division, there’s a lot of questions that cause me to stay up long nights, but it keeps me sharp. That’s something I felt like I didn’t have at light heavyweight toward the end. It just felt like another day at the office."