Leon Edwards Confident He Will Beat Kamaru Usman in London

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Leon Edwards Confident He Will Beat Kamaru Usman in London

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are few events that captivate audiences more than a well-fought championship bout. And the UFC welterweight championship match between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman in 2022 was no exception.

The match was filled with drama, tension, and a stunning knockout that left the MMA world talking for days.

A Shocking Finish

The Briton Leon Edwards was one minute away from defeat in the UFC welterweight championship match, but he managed to stun the crowd and KO Usman with a precise left "high kick." It was a knockout that few saw coming and Edwards walked away as the new UFC welterweight champion.

Despite the defeat by knockout, Kamaru Usman enters the third match as a clear favorite (1.40 - 3.05), having dominated a large part of the fight. However, Edwards believes that the third match will be completely different from the previous one.

"This time around it will be a totally different fight," Edwards told BT Sport. "I’ve never lost in the U.K. I’ve never lost at UFC London. … Pro and amateur. So, I’m taking that confidence into it. I’m taking the confidence of knowing I can knock him out into it."

Confidence and Mental IQ

For Edwards, the victory over Kamaru Usman was a testament to his character and mental IQ for the fight game.

He believes that the ability to stay calm under pressure and land the knockout shot in the fifth round showcases his mental fortitude. "To beat the pound-for-pound on your worst night, I think that’s one of my worst performances as far as career-wise goes in the UFC," Edwards said.

"To be able to still stay calm under that going into the fifth round and to get the KO, I think that shows character from me. That shows my mental I.Q. for the fight game, as far as knowing when to land that shot."

The Home Field Advantage

For Kamaru Usman, the third match against Edwards will be a new challenge.

The Nigerian has never competed on European soil and has only fought three times outside the USA. Edwards, on the other hand, is taking all of his heritage, his story, and his confidence into the fight. He truly believes that he is better and that Usman won't be able to beat him in London.

"I know he’s tough, I know he’s good – I’m not deluded. I know he’s a good fighter, but I truly believe that I’m better and I can’t see how he comes over and beat me in London," Edwards declared.

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