Daniel Cormier Raises Concerns Over the Timing of Israel Adesanya's Rematch

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Daniel Cormier Raises Concerns Over the Timing of Israel Adesanya's Rematch

Last year saw significant shifts in the upper echelons of several categories, with one particular championship belt undergoing an unexpected transfer of power. In the middleweight division, Israel Adesanya reigned supreme until he was dethroned by Alex Pereira, his old conqueror.

Adesanya's Dominance Challenged by Pereira

Adesanya had been dominant in the middleweight division until Pereira's arrival. The two warriors faced off in a mixed martial arts match, which marked their first MMA encounter (but the third overall, counting their kickboxing battles).

Despite Adesanya leading the match entering the fifth round, Pereira knew that only a finish could secure their victory, as they proclaimed before the final round. With bravery and determination, Pereira entered the fifth round and defeated Adesanya by technical knockout, becoming the new middleweight champion.

Adesanya's Rematch with Pereira

A rematch between Adesanya and Pereira has been officially announced, but former champion Daniel Cormier has expressed his concerns about the timing of the decision. “Two factors: Why is it happening now? And for what reason is it happening?” Cormier said on his YouTube channel.

“One: Obviously we all knew that it would be at Israel Adesanya’s decision or discretion whether or not he would get a championship fight. From the moment he lost, I was saying and screaming from the rooftops, ‘If anyone deserves an immediate rematch, it’s Israel Adesanya.’ “Because of what he had done in the middleweight division, and honestly what he had done to start his UFC and mixed martial arts career.

He deserves a rematch and honestly, for Alex Pereira, it would seem to be the best matchup for him in terms of a first title defense”. However, Cormier also questioned the timing of the decision, speculating that Adesanya may have accepted the rematch too soon.

"Maybe he’s worried that if Pereira fights someone else, he loses. Izzy still holds a ton of cards, but I just questioned whether or not the decisions being made are based on this newfound push that Alex has been experiencing," Cormier explained.

Regardless of Cormier's thoughts, it is undeniable that Adesanya deserves a rematch against Pereira, given his previous achievements. The two warriors will face off once again at UFC 287, marking their fourth encounter in total.

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