Charles Oliveira Sheds Light on the Tactics Behind Conor McGregor's Fight Selections

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Charles Oliveira Sheds Light on the Tactics Behind Conor McGregor's Fight Selections

In the world of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the name of Conor McGregor continues to loom large as one of the most iconic and financially successful fighters of all time. It's not surprising then, that many aspiring mixed martial artists would leap at the chance to step into the octagon against the popular Irishman.

Charles Oliveira, a former lightweight champion, once counted himself among McGregor's detractors and publicly called for a match with the fighter. However, after losing the title to Makhachev and seeing no response from McGregor to his challenges, Oliveira has since changed his tune.

“There are no fools here, everybody knows we want this fight because he’ll give us a lot of money, but I do think he’s a guy that needs to be hyped,” Oliveira said at a fan Q&A during UFC 283 fight week via MMA Fighting. “I’ve asked for this fight plenty of times and he never says anything.

I’ll be ready to fight him the day he wants, but I won’t call him out anymore”.

The Timing of McGregor's Battles

As Oliveira notes, McGregor is known for being selective about his opponents. Fellow fighter Rafael dos Anjos concurs, stating, “Conor picks his fights,” dos Anjos said at the Q&A. “Like Charles said, everybody wants this fight because it will be lucrative.

He picks his fights. When he feels that’s the fight for him, he’ll choose it. We’ll be waiting but we’ll continue fighting in the meantime”. “McGregor chickened out a long time ago,” Oliveira said. “Like Rafael said, he handpicks his fights.

I think he looks at the guy and thinks ‘I can beat this one,’ and then he signs the contract. He’s right not to fight me because he knows what will happen”. Despite the intriguing prospect of such a battle, it seems unlikely that McGregor and Oliveira will face off in the octagon anytime soon.

Rumors suggest that McGregor will be coaching on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, with Michael Chandler as his most likely rival. Tony Ferguson has also been mentioned as a possibility, but official word has yet to be released.

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