Gilbert Burns Wants More from UFC 287 Battle Against Masvidal

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Gilbert Burns Wants More from UFC 287 Battle Against Masvidal

As the anticipation builds for the highly-anticipated UFC 287 event, featuring Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal in the octagon, Burns has made a series of demands for the bout. However, it seems that his requests have fallen on deaf ears as the UFC and Masvidal reject each of them.

Fight Format: Five Rounds or Nothing

The first demand Burns made was for the fight to be held in five rounds instead of the standard three. Despite his insistence, the UFC declined his request. Burns expressed his disappointment in a recent interview, saying, “For sure, it’s a disappointment,” Burns told MMA Fighting. “I’m still waiting on the UFC.

We’re talking with the UFC — if they say, ‘We don’t think so,’ I’m going to say please, come on. I don’t ask for much. I just want five rounds. You guys did five rounds for Leon Edwards and Nate [Diaz], you guys did five rounds on other occasions.

Why not? I’m pushing, but we’re still waiting. “It’s very hard when one guy says no – it’s very hard for the UFC to say yes. So we’ll see. I would love to have that [‘BMF’] title in place and five rounds for sure because I just think I’m going to destroy this guy”.

"BMF" Belt as a Bet

Burns then changed his mind and challenged Masvidal to bring his "BMF" belt as a bet. This proposal was also declined by Masvidal and the UFC. Nevertheless, Burns remains optimistic, saying, “Three rounds, I’m going to make that guy suffer so much in three rounds that it should be enough, but five rounds just guarantees a finish.

If the fight is five rounds, I’ll finish, but if he don’t want it, it’s all good”. It seems that Burns will have to settle for a standard three-round fight, as both of his requests have been declined by the UFC and Masvidal.

Despite this setback, Burns remains focused on the main goal, which is to "destroy these guys and become champion."

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