Dan Hardy: Many did not want to stand with Francis Ngannou

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Dan Hardy: Many did not want to stand with Francis Ngannou

Dan Hardy is angry with UFC fighters and the fans for not showing enough support for Francis Ngannou. Let us remind you that the Nigerian failed to agree on the details of the new contract and will no longer be part of the UFC.

Ngannou asked Dana White for better contracts for UFC fighters and health insurance. “You look at what just happened to Francis Ngannou and who knows where he will end up signing,” Hardy told MMA Fighting. “It’s very exciting that he’s a free agent, but imagine if the moment when Francis Ngannou stood his ground for the fighters, that one or two or three other champions maybe stood by him.

We see a lot of people pose for photos with him but don’t stand by him. Because it’s going to make a difference for the whole entire sport, but these are the moves that people make movies about in the future. Francis Ngannou, heavyweight champion, ambassador for the fighters."

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is one of the few who asked for better rights for UFC fighters and supported Ngannou.

Hardy is aware that others cannot do the same for many reasons. “It’s unfortunate that it’s coming from outside of the sport of mixed martial arts but the reality is there aren’t any people in the sport of mixed martial arts that have the money to stand their ground like Jake Paul does.

The media can’t do it because your credentials disappear. The fighters can’t do it because your opportunities disappear. It’s an awkward situation right now in mixed martial arts, and we’ve got to be grateful for Jake Paul turning his attention to it.

He could completely ignore mixed martial arts if he wanted. He could completely focus on boxing, but for whatever reason, he’s decided that there’s something to be said about mixed martial arts, and he’s willing to say it because he’s got the money in his pocket”.

Francis Ngannou