Michael Chandler Confident He Will Finish Conor McGregor in Second Round

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Michael Chandler Confident He Will Finish Conor McGregor in Second Round

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been the subject of widespread rumors for the past few weeks, and now, Dana White has confirmed that the forthcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter" will feature Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler as coaches.

This not only means that McGregor is returning to the octagon, but it also piques the interest of fans, who are eager to see their favorite Irish fighter in action once again. However, the exact date of their appearance is yet to be revealed.

Tony Ferguson, another prominent figure in the UFC, was also rumored to be McGregor's possible rival, but the decision fell on Chandler, who is deemed to be a more formidable opponent. The Irish fighter is yet to enter USADA's half-year testing program, which means we will not see this match in the first half of this year.

The Battle of the Coaches

Chandler, who is known for his aggressive style, expressed his satisfaction with the official announcement and shared his initial thoughts about the upcoming match. He told ESPN: "Conor and I both start extremely fast.

That cage door closes, Bruce Buffer announces us, that bell dings and we both try to meet in the center of the octagon trying to make the other guy take a backwards step first." Chandler went on to describe his opponent's fighting style: "Conor more in a larger, wider, take-up-more-space stance, to kind of project that domineering spirit of himself.

Me more like a missile coming at you, making you feel my presence right away, I want to get my hands on you." The Missouri-born fighter is determined to make an impact from the beginning and stated: "I’m going to get in his face, make him take a backwards step right away.

He’s going to feel my presence from the very beginning of the fight and then from there wherever the fight takes us."

Chandler's Prediction

The 34-year-old lightweight fighter, who is known for his striking ability, has a bold prediction for the outcome of the match.

He said: "I believe I finish Conor in the second round. That’s my 'Mystic Mike' take on this, later on this year whenever it is." He added: "I always visualize a big overhand right or a left hook. That’s the shot that I really want to land every single time, and that’s the shot I’ve seen put guys down so many times in my career, put guys down in training, put guys down a million times in my mind.

I believe I wear him down a little bit and land a big shot in the second round and take him out."

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