(WATCH) Conor McGregor Makes His First Statement About Fight vs Michael Chandler

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(WATCH) Conor McGregor Makes His First Statement About Fight vs Michael Chandler
(WATCH) Conor McGregor Makes His First Statement About Fight vs Michael Chandler (Provided by Financial World)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is eagerly anticipating Conor McGregor's return to the octagon this year. The Irish mixed martial artist and boxer, considered to be one of the biggest stars in UFC history, has been out of the game since his defeat by Dustin Poirier in July 2021.

McGregor then suffered a severe leg fracture, which took a longer time to heal than expected.

Conor McGregor Returns to the Octagon

Fortunately, the fighter will make his comeback, and his opponent for the much-anticipated fight will be Michael Chandler.

The two will have coaching roles as part of "The Ultimate Fighter," after which the UFC will arrange a match between them. While Chandler has been active in the media after the announcement, McGregor has been surprisingly quiet.

In a recent interview with The Daily Mirror, however, the fighter gave a brief overview of his thoughts on his comeback. "I'm looking forward to it. I feel good. I feel energetic. I feel ready," McGregor said. "You know, I'm throwing up my high kicks faster than I'm throwing out my jab.

So I'm very excited to get back."

Could It Be One of the Biggest Pay-Per-View Fights in UFC History?

The return of McGregor is significant for the UFC as the fighter has been one of the biggest draws for the organization.

Michael Chandler, McGregor's opponent, believes their fight could become one of the biggest pay-per-views in UFC history. "If you look at the numbers, I think 2 million [buys], it's not just a possibility, I think it's very achievable and very attainable," Chandler said on The MMA Fighting. "It's hard for me to toot my own horn, but I think what I've created is a level of intrigue and mystique that when I show up on fight night and that cage door closes, all hell breaks loose and my foot is on the gas." However, some question McGregor's commitment and motivation to the sport.

The Irishman has not been at his former level for some time, and his earnings and lifestyle may be factors that contribute to his decline. Nonetheless, the UFC and fans alike are hopeful that McGregor will bring his A-game to the upcoming fight.

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