Conor McGregor hopes to resume his UFC career with consistency


 Conor McGregor hopes to resume his UFC career with consistency
Conor McGregor hopes to resume his UFC career with consistency

The former two division champion Conor McGregor has been unable to fight for almost two years because of his vicious ankle injury that took place in his last fight, the mega trilogy against Dustin Poirier. Conor is very likely to fight this year against Michael chandler.

Both the fighters are coaching the ultimate fighter in season 31. Conor McGregor believes he’s significantly better than Michael chandler and that he’s not exactly the right match-up for him. McGregor on Barstool Sports’ My Moms Basement said: “For Chandler, I’m just too slick for him, I’m too skilled for him.

He’s not fought someone like me, I’ve fought someone like him though”.

Conor Mcgregor on Michael chandler's overall fighting style

He further added: “Just in general, it’s the mixed martial arts style, the short wrestler.

It’s just kind of MMA, isn’t it? Throughout the years, so it’s not like anything peculiar, unsure of. I’ve fought against that style many, many years. Michael was with a smaller promotion and then worked his way up.

He had some excellent fights and he earned his right to be in this position. But, it will be my job now on fight night to show the levels and show there is a much higher difference in skill and I’m excited to get go”.

He also spoke about how being inconsistent is affecting him: “I’m working for consistency. I’ve been having this on, off, on, off nonsense for too long, via fight politics, via injuries, via just life. It does happen.

It’s God’s plan. It’s all God, so I accept and understand it. But I’m excited and hopeful that I can get a nice consecutive run of bouts”. McGregor also gave a brief insight into his thoughts about his future in the fight game: “I’ve got a lot of exciting fights.

I’ve got some rivalries. You’ve got guys on the climb, you’ve got guys in other divisions that are supposed to be the best. There’s loads of bouts I could have and I’m excited for every single one of them”.

Every Conor Mcgregor fight captivates overwhelming excitement and massive success. All fight fans and those who don’t regularly tune into UFC matches will surely watch his matches. His return is much awaited, and it would be fascinating to see how he responds to all the criticism he received after his last face-off against Dustin Poirier. (Image source: MMAJUNKIE)

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