Francis Ngannou reacts to the statements of Jones and White regarding him

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Francis Ngannou reacts to the statements of Jones and White regarding him

Francis Ngannou left the UFC a few months ago which caused different reactions. Jon Jones thinks it's a cowardly move, and that Ngannou avoided a fight with him. However, Francis believes that this is not the case. “Look, I wanted that fight as well.

I’m the one that initiated that fight over two years ago. I wanted that fight, but where was Jon Jones at that time? I don’t know. Nobody seems interested, even Dana White. Nobody seems to be interested. They always find a way to go around it.

Today, it’s not about that fight, it’s not that they wanted to give me that fight, it’s the price it was going to cost me to get that fight. I chased that fight for as long as I could and, listen, I learned in life that you have to let it go.

You have to let things go, otherwise, they’ll cut your hand and take your hand away. I wanted that fight so bad, and I couldn’t have it at any cost. That’s what I will always say”. - Ngannou said, as quoted by

Francis Ngannou on his decision

Ngannou is happy with the decision he made.

“Jon is Jon, and I’m me, I don’t care,” Ngannou said. “I’ve been saying this for a little while, I am cool. I’m doing good, I did what was best for me, I’m happy. I wish that fight had happened because I feel like there’s a lot of anger, a lot of unsatisfaction on the other end — which, I don’t know — but I can’t control that.

I can just control me”. Dana White denied the possibility of Francis Ngannou's return. On the other hand, Ngannou does not rule out any possibility in the future. “I’ve tried to manage this as gentle as I could,“ Ngannou explained.

“I did everything in my power in order to move forward, and it didn’t work. I’ll never close the door, but now, it’s not something we can discuss [right now] because it has become very personal. I’ve just been listening to them talk about it. They’re upset, there’s a lot of anger out there, but I’m good”.

Francis Ngannou