Kamaru Usman Believes Leon Edwards Lacks Proof of Superiority in MMA

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Kamaru Usman Believes Leon Edwards Lacks Proof of Superiority in MMA

With only two days remaining until the highly-anticipated third match between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman at UFC 286 in London, the tension between the fighters has escalated to new heights. As both men prepare to step into the octagon and prove their worth, their words and actions have only added fuel to the fire.

"A Test of Skill and Willpower"

In recent interviews, Usman has been vocal about his thoughts on Edwards, stating that the latter has failed to demonstrate his superiority as a mixed martial artist. Despite Edwards' record, Usman believes that his victories were merely a result of luck and circumstance.

"Yes, you have a ton of tape," Usman told Morning Kombat. "All these people or all these fighters have all this tape to watch and study and try to defeat you with what they’ve studied. If they’re able to do that, if they have the ability to study your tape and go out there and shut everything and do that, they’re the better fighter.

They deserve to be champion anyways. You can’t stop it. If they have the ability to trump what they see on tape, they’re the better fighter anyways."

The Ultimate Showdown

Despite Usman's claims, Edwards remains confident in his abilities and has stated that he plans to retire Usman and pursue his dreams in fashion.

The two will finally have the opportunity to settle the score on Saturday, as they step into the cage to prove once and for all who the better fighter is. "Now, the problem is, you can watch as much tape as you want to," Usman continued.

"A lot of people can see me and say, ‘Oh, wow, he has a decent gas tank.’ But until you are locked in that cage with me and you actually feel that, you have no idea. This individual has felt it twice, and he has melted twice.

He’s shown me nothing to let me believe he’s a better mixed martial artist than I am — besides one Hail Mary in the fifth round." As the main event of UFC 286 approaches, the anticipation continues to build.

Will Usman reclaim his title and prove his dominance, or will Edwards shock the world and walk away with the victory? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: this match will be a test of skill and willpower like no other.

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