A historic moment: Leon Edwards defends his UFC welterweight belt

Leon Edwards shines and shuts all naysayers

by Aryan Lakhani
A historic moment: Leon Edwards defends his UFC welterweight belt

Head shot dead” “Head shot dead” said the champion Leon Edwards after winning the fight and had the whole arena chanting it. Naysayers tried to dismiss his previous victory by calling it a ‘Lucky shot’; his performance tonight seems to have silenced all doubters.

It’s a massive moment for the UK and his home crowd. Kamaru Usman, as always, gave his opponent a tough fight and showed an aggressive approach with his striking. It was very competitive, due to which it went to round 5, and the decision was left to the judges and scorecards.

This is the first time Kamaru Usman is on a losing streak; it will be very interesting to see who he fights next.

Whats next for Leon Edwards?

The chances are high for Leon Edwards to face Colby Covington next as he deserves a title shot against the champion “See you in July @Leon_edwardsmma” said Colby Covington in his recent tweet.

Interestingly, Islam Makcahaev also called out Leon Edwards on Twitter “I want Leon next, October in Abu Dhabi ”. The welterweight champion will have to defend his belt on multiple occasions; a bright future lies ahead.

The fight game is absolutely unpredictable; Kamaru Usman has never been in such a situation; who knew that one leg kick would collapse his strong winning momentum. He does expect to face Leon again, and the former welterweight champion would be looking for nothing but redemption.

It has been my hardest fight to this day and I want to say thank you to be a great competitor” said Edwards in the post-fight interview. He has always been underestimated; even for this fight, the betting odds were against him, and most people thought he wouldn’t be able to defend his title, but he proved everyone wrong.

His journey is inspiring for all fans, and today with the legendary knock, he proved to the world that anything is possible. (Image source: MARCA)

Leon Edwards