Paulo costa is most likely to continue to fight for the UFC

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Paulo costa is most likely to continue to fight for the UFC
Paulo costa is most likely to continue to fight for the UFC (Provided by Financial World)

“The eraser” Paulo costa seems to be convinced with the conditions set for the new UFC contract, and fans all around the world are eagerly waiting for his return. He was supposed to fight Robbert Whittaker in February, but Paulo pulled out due to payment complexities with the UFC.

However, things seem to have been sorted as he has agreed to sign a 4 fight deal offer with the UFC. Recently on an interview with PVT, he spoke about this in greater depth “I haven’t signed the contract yet, but we have reached a deal with the UFC regarding the pay,” said Costa.

“It wasn’t easy, there was a lot of hard work, and I have to highlight Tamara’s brilliant work here”. Tamara Alves is Paulo costa's girlfriend who simplified the process of understanding and negotiating for the new UFC contract.

Who could Paulo costa fight next?

The middleweight fighter has a lot of potential matchups to fight, but the ones that were highlighted the most were Sean Strickland and Khamzat Chimaev. Two intriguing potential fights that MMA fans would love to see; Paulo costa could return as early as May or somewhere later on in 2023.

Costa has a professional record of 14-2, and he last fought against Luke Rockhold in August 2022. A controversial defeat against Israel Adesanya and a defeat via unanimous decision against Marvin Vettori add to the losses of the middleweight fighter.

Sean Strickland on Paulo costa pulling out against Robert Whittaker Helen yee interviewed sean strickland, where he spoke about Paulo costa pulling out of the event. “I mean, heres the thing about costa and I like costa, but he's also a Buckhead; he doesn’t make weight; he's an idiot, so like when you are a *****, and you go the UFC, and you say, ‘Hey I wanna do this’; I almost fought Marvin Vettori on a two-day notice because he wouldn’t make weight so its hard man.

When you don’t do the right things you don’t get the right things back. ” Said strickland. (Image source: MMANEWS)