Maycee Barber vs Andrea lee: the Flyweight clash

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Maycee Barber vs Andrea lee: the Flyweight clash
Maycee Barber vs Andrea lee: the Flyweight clash (Provided by Financial World)

The current UFC flyweight champion is Alexa Grasso, and she’s on a 5 match win streak; the winner of Maycee barber vs Andrea lee has a high chance of getting a title shot next. Barber and Grasso previously faced each other in the ring in 2021, where Alexa Grasso won via unanimous decision.

So a win for Maycee barber could establish a pathway to redemption. Andrea lee has a record of 13-6 and 11-2 for Maycee barber; it’s going to be a very competitive knock; the one with more grit and determination will win.

Barber is on a 3 match win streak; it will be interesting to see if she can extend it tomorrow night. Interestingly, Andrea lee is also on a 3 match win streak, so somebodies win streak is going to come to an end.

Maycee Barber on fighting Alexa Grasso

“That was not a shock to me,” said Barber, as quoted by “She’s a phenomenal fighter and I feel like Valentina started to get exposed a little bit when she fought [Taila] Santos.

Everybody is beatable. So, it was really cool to see a whole new champion in the division. I think it gives it a lot more excitement in the division. Valentina was such a dominant champion, so obviously, I’m sure we’re expecting a rematch at some point between them, and then at some point, I want my shot back against Alexa because I want to win that back,” Maycee Barber showing her interest to avenge her loss against Alexa Grasso.

“Whether she’s the champ or not, I want that fight back. Whether it’s a title shot or not, fans will be looking forward to the rematch between Alexa Grasso and Maycee Barber, but it’s a ladder that Barber has to climb, and the first step is to win comprehensively tomorrow night against Andrea lee.

The same applies to Andrea lee; a dominating victory from here can open new doors in her UFC career. (Image source: SportsKeeda)