Jorge Masvidal confirmed: I'm fighting Gilbert, then I'm fighting Leon!

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Jorge Masvidal confirmed: I'm fighting Gilbert, then I'm fighting Leon!
Jorge Masvidal confirmed: I'm fighting Gilbert, then I'm fighting Leon! (Provided by Financial World)

Although Leon Edwards wanted a fight with Jorge Masvidal, Dana White still decided that Colby Covington is the best option for him, and confirmed that the next match will be between Covington and Edwards. Jorge Masvidal reacted to White's statements and confirmed that he has inside information about what will happen.

“I’m fighting Gilbert, then I’m fighting Leon,” Masvidal told MMA Junkie Radio. “I’m telling you that’s how it’s going to play out. I just got some insider information”. Masvidal is aware of why Edwards wants a fight with him and what such a fight can bring him.

“I’m eager to get in there with Gilbert and utterly dismantle him to the point that everybody is begging for me to go and fight Leon. I know Leon’s not an idiot. He’s already fought before and defended the title and stuff, and he knows what a guy like me brings to the table besides the added beef that we have and the amount of pay-per-views we can generate together fighting for that title.

I think it’s epic. It’s a movie ending for me and everybody involved with me”.

Jorge Masvidal on Gilbert Burns

Regardless of the fact that Burns is a dangerous opponent, Masvidal is not afraid of him and believes that he will be the absolute favorite.

He is convinced that he is much better in all aspects. We will see if he will confirm it in his match. “This chapter (of my career) would be called: Gilbert ‘The Stepping-Stone’ Burns,” Masvidal said.

It’s no diss to Gilbert. I think he’s a good competitor and he comes to fight and stuff like that for the most part, but we’ve never been on the same skillset. As far as gameness and toughness and durability, he’s never had it, either.

You crack him and he starts skating. I know he’s good in the jiu-jitsu world, but his wrestling ain’t that. I’ve only been focusing on the last six months that I can deal with these wrestlers efficiently, get to positions efficiently, not waste as much energy.

I’m going to paint my Van Gogh on Gilbert’s face. Elbows, knees, kicks, takedown defense, takedown offense – all that good stuff. I’m going to bring it”.

Jorge Masvidal