Daniel Pineda vs Tucker Lutz: Pineda and Lutz return after 2 years

The interesting featherweight clash is just a few hours away.

by Aryan Lakhani
Daniel Pineda vs Tucker Lutz: Pineda and Lutz return after 2 years

The featherweight clash is less than a few hours away and a big moment for both these fighters as they will be making a return after a strong 2 year gap. Pineda vs Lutz is scheduled as the last match in the preliminary card, and both the fighters will be hungry for a dominating victory as that can unlock new opportunities in the featherweight division.

Daniel Pineda is an experienced fighter and has a professional record of 27-14, and Tucker Lutz has a record of 12-2. Both fighters have great striking and grappling skills, a competitive knock that will break down to who wants it more.

Daniel pineda shares his thoughts

“It’s been crazy,” said Pineda, as quoted by MMAWeekly.com. “I’ve been in the game for a long time. I’m just training hard to get back into it." Pineda speaks about his diet routine and his way of preparing himself for the fight.

“I’ve always trained really hard, the only thing that I’ve really changed is my diet; staying in shape and eating right; keeping my weight down”. “Literally cutting the weight when you’re dehydrated you lose all your cardio and everything.

That’s part of what they’re teaching me is where cardio is coming from. Before, I could go in there for a round and try to finish them off, and if I didn’t, I was dead. They’re helping me out (with the cardio issue) a lot”.

When asked about his aims for the future, he seemed to be pretty focused on the challenge that is set against him tonight. “The reason I finish my fights is because I’m always pushing forward. I’m never backing off.

I’m always pushing forward and going for the finish off those scrambles. I’m going one fight at a time,” said Pineda. “I’ve got to take care of my mind, take care of this fight, then see what happens”. (Image source: Jed.I Goodman/Twitter)