Colby Covington will fight Leon Edwards next: Dana white is firm in his say

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Colby Covington will fight Leon Edwards next: Dana white is firm in his say
Colby Covington will fight Leon Edwards next: Dana white is firm in his say (Provided by Financial World)

The welterweight UFC champion, Leon Edwards, has got many opponents lined up to fight against and will have to defend his belt on multiple occasions. It seems like the surprise backup fighter, Colby Covington, has the highest chance of getting a title shot.

The MMA world and fight fans would argue if Colby Covington deserves a title shot or not, but Dana white is adamant & convinced that the champion Leon Edwards is next for ‘Chaos’ Covington. After his victory over Kamaru Usman, Leon Edwards has been asked multiple times if he’s going to fight Colby next, to which he always said no; he believes that Covington should fight someone first and then get a title shot.

Leon Edwards on fighting Colby Covington

Recently on Ariel Helwani’s show the MMA hour, Leon Edwards better expressed his thoughts on fighting Colby Covington “I definitely have a say,” said Edwards. Listen, he ain’t getting a title shot next, right.

Look at the road I had to take to get there. There’s no way you’re getting beat twice by the guy that I just beat twice, went out and beat Masvidal, and then sit out for a year and a half. Not even tweeting or nothing, just go missing for a year and then randomly pops up at the weigh-ins and it’s like, ‘OK, he’s fighting for the title next.’ It makes no sense at all.

So, let’s see how it plays out, he has to go out there and earn his way like I had to do”. It’s a pretty valid reason, the champion has earned the right to choose his opponents, and Colby may have to prove himself before getting a title shot.

However, Dana white thinks that Colby Covington deserves it more than anyone else, and it is the ideal matchup for the next welterweight clash.

Dana white on Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington

If you look at Usman and what he did – Usman ran through that division twice.

”White said as quoted by"Usman’s one of the greatest of all time. Leon just beat him twice. You’re the man, Leon. You’re the guy. And everyone’s coming after you, and it’s going to be Colby next”.

“That was a no brainer, If Usman doesn’t exist Colby’s been the champ now for a while. He’s been there forever. He cut the weight. He showed up to fill in for that fight and a million other reasons why he deserves that fight”. (Image source: The Sports Rush)

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