Donald ‘cowboy’ cerrone discusses his relationship with Yair rodriguez

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Donald ‘cowboy’ cerrone discusses his relationship with Yair rodriguez
Donald ‘cowboy’ cerrone discusses his relationship with Yair rodriguez (Provided by Financial World)

The featherweight fighter is highly regarded by Donald Cerrone, as the two happen to be sharing a friendly bond. Yair Rodriguez recently came off a dominating victory via submission against Josh Emmet and has a professional MMA record of 16-3 and recently earned his spot as the interim featherweight champion.

Cerrone and Yair Rodriguez have spent a significant amount of time together. Donald Cerrone was recently entered into the UFC hall of fame list, which must have been a very honorable moment for the veteran fighter who gathered a large fan base in his legendary career and never failed to entertain his fans.

He was really emotional about how his career would reflect on his children, but he has nothing to worry about as his glorious career will forever shine.

Donalad Cerrone speaks about Yair Rodriguez

It appears that Yair was pretty determined and was always contended to train with Cerrone.

He’s been a big part of my entire career,” Cerrone said, as quoted by I would literally call him like, ‘Hey, we got another camp, you want to come down? I know you also have a fight.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll be right there.’ And he would literally just drive from Mexico to my house, and he would come train".

Donald Cerrone further speaks about yairs nature towards him and how yair admired him as a fan and as a constant follower. “He was just always like my No. 1 fan. He was always there, riding bikes with me, lifting with me, swimming with me.

Whatever I wanted to do, he was there, and in return, I taught him how to have fun and enjoy the journey. So it’s cool that it worked, and he listened and enjoyed it, and now look at the motherf*cker, right?” Lucky are those who get the opportunity to share such a bond; it will be very interesting to see how Yair Rodriguez fights next and how Donald Cerrone supports him throughout his remaining career.