Daniel Cormier: Masvidal's Impressive Win Could Be the Key to the Title

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Daniel Cormier: Masvidal's Impressive Win Could Be the Key to the Title
Daniel Cormier: Masvidal's Impressive Win Could Be the Key to the Title (Provided by Financial World)

The announcement of Colby Covington as the next challenger in the welterweight division has sparked a wave of excitement among fighters in the UFC. Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal, who will be facing each other in next week's UFC 287 event, immediately called out to challenge Covington's spot against Edwards.

A Potential Leapfrog for Masvidal

Daniel Cormier, a former UFC fighter, has opined that if Masvidal beats Burns in a more impressive manner, he could easily leapfrog Covington and challenge for the title. Despite being on a losing streak of three fights, Cormier believes that Masvidal's recent media exposure, such as starting Gamebred Boxing, has helped to boost his career.

"He's a lightning rod, and he understands that," Cormier stated on his YouTube channel. "He pretty much called out everybody in the welterweight division. It's a great opportunity for Masvidal, and you can see in his behavior and approach that he recognizes it."

The Power of a Winning Promo

Cormier thinks that if Masvidal cuts the perfect promo with a win, it could convince the UFC to give him the title shot.

Leon Edwards, who is seeking revenge for Masvidal's attack on him backstage in London in 2019, has also welcomed the fight. "If you're in Miami, it's going to be a pro-Masvidal crowd," Cormier explained. "He wins, gets in the middle of the octagon, and tells Joe Rogan, 'I want Leon Edwards.

Come get this biscuit, come get this two-piece.' Dude, the world's going to go crazy, and Dana will look at that and go, 'Hey, man – there's a lot of history to that.' " "If this guy wins impressively, with his star power, I could see him right in the conversation for a fight against Leon Edwards," Cormier added.

A Challenging Battle Ahead

Before Masvidal can even think about a title shot, he will first have to defeat Burns, which is no easy feat for anyone. Nevertheless, the winner of this match will certainly be in a good position, and both fighters will likely be highly motivated to come away with an attractive win.

Although a title shot has been promised to Covington, the winner of the Burns vs Masvidal match will still be in a strong position to challenge for the title.

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