Paddy Pimblett speaks about his injury

Paddy Pimblett is still injured, his return is most likely to be postponed.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett speaks about his injury

Fans that are wondering where Paddy "the Baddy" Pimblett is must know that he has a foot injury which is preventing him from fighting. As soon as he recovers, he will be back in the UFC octagon against any deserving contender in the lightweight division.

Paddy Pimblett is undefeated in the UFC and has a professional record of 20-3. The scouser believes he will never get knocked out; it will be interesting to see how far he is successful in defending his statement. Paddy is a very entertaining fighter, from his trash-talking to his unbelievable weight cuts – he never fails to entertain his fans.

Paddy Pimblett on his foot injury

Recently in an interview with Sky Sports, Paddy Pimblett, in detail, explained his injury and what caused it. From the looks of it, he will take some time to return to the ring hopefully, he should show up before this year ends.

If he continues to extend his winning streak, a title shot cannot be denied for him. "I had to get surgery after my last fight," Pimblett said as quoted by "Last fight, I hurt my foot in the first round, in like the first minute or two, threw a kick, hurt it.

I felt it, like, but we crack on, we get through the fight. At the end of the fight, I remember going back to the medical room and being like, 'My foot's sore.' Couldn't get it looked at properly until I got home. Then, when the actual swelling went down, I didn't know if I needed to get surgery.

It was a lot worse than we thought. I had to get inner and outer-ligament surgery, like reconstruction, so, it's big". Paddy Pimbeltt's fighting approach is peculiar and difficult for people to digest; however, he puts his happiness first, which is why he does not like to stick around at 155 pounds. It will be interesting to see if he ever decides to fight at heavyweight. (Image source: The Mirror)

Paddy Pimblett