Max Holloway open to the idea of fighting Gervonta Davis


Max Holloway open to the idea of fighting Gervonta Davis

MMA fighters know about the significant earning opportunities in the world of boxing, which is why we are seeing a growing interest in fighters to compete in different realms of combat sports. The 2nd ranked featherweight contender Max Holloway, watched the recent clash between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis and speaks about entering the boxing world.

He showed his interest in fighting against Gervonta Davis, and it would be unfair to say that it's 'impossible' as the crossovers have been much more common in recent years. Max Holloway has a professional record of 24-7 in MMA, and his fans are eagerly waiting to see who he fights next.

Max Holloway on fighting Gervonta Davis

Recently on the MMA Hour, Max Holloway spoke about his interest in fighting Gervonta Davis and explained how the rehydration clause played a huge role in damaging Ryan Garcia. “Let’s make a big fight with ‘Tank’ or something,” Holloway said, as quoted by

“Floyd Mayweather and ‘Tank,’ ‘Tank’ is following Floyd Mayweather’s recipe to the key. So, why not he fight a MMA guy and we do a big one? I can s—t talk to him. Just don’t put no hydration clause in it like how he did to my man Garcia.

That would be a fun one”. “Everybody talking about that shot like, ‘Oh, he would have got up, blah, blah,’ I’m like, bro, the hydration clause is real, he couldn’t fricken rehydrate proper and that shot, it might not look hard, but to a fricken dehydrated body that hurts a lot.

That shot probably hurts a lot even if you’re not dehydrated”. He further said. “So, I can only imagine, man. And it came out the same day that he had a rat and he actually got hurt to the body and that sucks.

At the end of the day, that was tough but I would love to do a big one. Maybe do [T-Mobile Arena] like they did the Conor stuff”. It would be absolutely entertaining to see Max Holloway step into the world of boxing, even if it's just an exhibition bout.

He does claim to be the best boxer in the UFC, and it will be interesting to see how well his words reflect with his fighting style. (Image source: Bloody Elbow)

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