Kamaru Usman talks about his successive defeats

Kamaru Usman shares his thoughts on his career in a recent podcast on HotBoxin with Mike Tyson.

by Aryan Lakhani
Kamaru Usman talks about his successive defeats

The former welterweight champion has never tasted 2 defeats consecutively in his entire career. Unfortunately for him, it came against the same opponent: Leon Edwards. No one knows when Kamaru Usman will return next, but his fans are waiting for him to reclaim his long-kept UFC welterweight belt.

He has a professional record of 20-3, and he should fight against some top contender in the division, probably in the next few months. Will the UFC ever see a quadrilogy match between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards? That is only something the future can tell.

Usman, the Nigerian nightmare, is now the 1st ranked contender, and he should hoping to level up and reclaim what was his for a very long time.

Kamaru Usman on his career

Recently in a podcast with Mike Tyson, Kamaru Usman spoke about the thoughts running around his mind.

His return is much awaited, and it will be very interesting to see who he fights next in the competitive welterweight division. "I don't say to say I'm in a weird spot but it's kind of unfamiliar territory," Usman said as quoted by mirror.co.uk. "I got into the sport and it was just like 'I'm gonna be the champion' that's it.

There wasn't another plan, it was just 'I'm going to be the champion one day'. "Every run and extra swim I did was leading towards that. That was always it for me, but then I got there and I was like 'This is cool' It just grew more and more, I was doing this show and that movie.

I remember asking my coaches before I became champion if the fights got easier once you get to the top. He said it gets worse because it gets heavier and heavier". As far as potential opponents are concerned, he can possibly fight against the winner of Gilberts Burns and Belal Muhammed or clash against the 3rd-ranked Khamzat Chimaev.

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