Tony Ferguson gets arrested for illegal driving and damaging two cars

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Tony Ferguson gets arrested for illegal driving and damaging two cars
Tony Ferguson gets arrested for illegal driving and damaging two cars

The UFC veteran got arrested earlier today because of being suspected of drunk and driving; under the influence of drinking, he brutally crashed two cars and caused serious damage. Not only did he damage the cars outside the Hollywood nightclub, but he was also responsible for flipping his own car.

According to TMZ, Tony Ferguson wasn't heavily damaged and was trying to dismiss the sobriety test, which subsequently led to him getting arrested. Apparently, he crashed into one of the famous rapper's car, who is known as Cash Gotti.

Tony Ferguson was released after the incident

The incident was reported to happen at 2:00 am, and more clarity shall be disclosed in the upcoming days. He was liable to pay a bail amount of $30,000 to be released, and shortly after finishing the formalities, he was set free at 12:12 pm.

He will be attending the court on the 1st of June. Such an incident should make him more alert in the future so he does not repeat the same mistake again. One mistake can collapse someone's entire life; he is lucky there were no pedestrians in the street.

In such a case, the impact of the punishment would be far more severe. Hopefully, he realizes his mistake and never repeats anything similar in the future. Tony Ferguson last fought against Nate Diaz and has been on a daunting losing streak ever since 2020.

5 consecutive losses, but the veteran still aspires to make a return and hasn't even thought of retiring yet. Hopefully, 'El Cucuy' can regain his winning momentum and put a smile on all his die-hard fans. He can be expected to return before the end of 2023.

However, the chances are very slim as he hasn't spoken about it in great detail. There have been rumours of a rematch between Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson – all fans will be thoroughly pleased if that ends up happening. (Image source: New York Post)

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