Colby Covington shares words of wisdom for Aljamain Sterling

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Colby Covington shares words of wisdom for Aljamain Sterling
Colby Covington shares words of wisdom for Aljamain Sterling (Provided by Financial World)

Colby Covington seems to have a good impression of the current bantamweight champion of the world Aljamain Sterling. In spite of performing well against Henry Cejudo, Aljamain Sterling has been receiving a lot of criticism and is being ridiculed for his performance; Colby Covington speaks about this and offers healthy advice.

Covington speaks from experience, as he has also received a fair sum of criticism during his long journey with the UFC. He is set to clash against the welterweight champion Leon Edwards later on this year, and people are already against this – however, Covington remains to be unbothered.

Colby Covington’s advice to Aljamain Sterling

In an interview with MMA fighting, the top contender Colby Covington gives advice to Aljamain Sterling and explains what he would do in an attempt to deal with criticism.

“I would tell him to just keep being you,” Covington said as quoted by “In due time, people will have no choice but to respect you when you keep proving them wrong and just keep silencing them, that’s the best revenge.

Success is the best revenge. He’s just got to keep doing his thing. “He’s doing great things in the business and the company, he’s making history in that bantamweight division. I think he’s doing just fine, and he [shouldn’t be] really too worried about the haters right now.

He should be worried about how his bank account looks”. Aljamain Sterling’s next fight is in jeopardy due to his injury-related complications, he does not seem to be fit enough, and chances are high that Sean O’Malley will have to look for a new opponent.

If not, the title match will probably get deferred to a future date. It will be very interesting to see how long Aljamain Sterling is successful in sustaining his bantamweight title. He aspires to fight at a higher weight division in the future; maybe after a few more wins, he could aim to be a double champion.

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