Bryan Battle wants Ian Garry next

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Bryan Battle wants Ian Garry next
Bryan Battle wants Ian Garry next (Provided by Financial World)

The recent knockout victory against Gabe Green has significantly boosted Bryan Battle’s confidence for his future matches, he has a professional record of 10-2, and it will be very interesting to see how well he’s successful in switching those numbers.

The win has opened new doors in Bryan Battle’s emerging career. Bryan Battle wants to challenge himself further and is crystal clear about who he wants next, and it is none other than the undefeated Irish fighter Ian Machado Garry.

Undeniably a fight between the two would be super entertaining, and in the near future, all UFC fans shall find out if the matchmakers are successful in organizing Bryan Battle’s most desired match.

Bryan Battle’s thoughts on his next fight

In a recent interview with BJ Penn, Bryan Battle expressed the thoughts and emotions running around his mind after winning and ruthlessly mentioned how he wants Ian Garry next.

“It still feels surreal, it feels like a dream. It’s been crazy, the people of Charlotte were amazing,” Battle said as quoted by “You couldn’t write this in a movie on how that fight all played out, it was perfect”.

“I was expecting a high-paced fight, but I wasn’t expecting him to come out like that. It was definitely a surprise, but if you pressure me, I can counter like that, and I proved that,” Battle further speaks about his unique, striking abilities.

“My power is just different. The week before the fight, I actually knocked someone out in sparring just by landing a punch, and I didn’t even mean to knock him out. If I touch you, whether it’s a punch or a kick, that’s it, especially at welterweight”.

He concludes by calling out the undefeated Irish fighter. “I’m here for it, I’m ready to bust Ian’s a**. I don’t know if Ian is going to sign the contract as he knows fighting me is bad for business cause he knows I’m going to knock him out”.