Dana White candid about Francis Ngannou and his adventure in the PFL

“Based on what I know about the deal, which is not much, it makes no sense to me,”

by Sead Dedovic
Dana White candid about Francis Ngannou and his adventure in the PFL

Francis Ngannou signed a contract with the PFL which caused many reactions. His new contract will mean huge money for the Cameroonian and many more benefits that he did not have while he was a member of the UFC. Dana White could not fulfill his demands, so Ngannou sought happiness elsewhere.

At one of the press conferences, the main man of the UFC reacted to Ngannou and his adventure in the PFL. Namely, Francis will fight only next year, and even before that match, he will receive a huge amount of money from the PFL.

“Based on what I know about the deal, which is not much, it makes no sense to me,” White said, as quoted by mmafighting.com “You’re going to pay a guy not to fight for a year, and it’s already been like [14] months.

He’s fought three times in the last three years. It’s just not what we do here. It’s not what we do. And the day that we released him, I knew exactly what was going to happen. Francis wants to take zero risks, doesn’t want to take any chances, and he obviously didn’t want to take a chance with Jon Jones — and after we saw what happened with Ciryl Gane, I don’t blame him.

I think the outcome would’ve been exactly the same, and I’m sure most of you do and I’m sure Francis does too”.

Dana White on PFL and Francis Ngannou

Dana White does not understand the actions of the PFL at this moment, and what they are doing is incomprehensible to him.

Also, he emphasized that Ngannou wants to be the head of the PFL, but he believes that Ngannou will not achieve the goals he envisioned. White doesn't see the point in MMA vs Boxing. He made an exception only once, and he had very good reasons for it.

PFL is going to pay this guy to train for a boxing match that may not even happen and that they might not even be involved in. How does that make any sense?” White said. “It doesn’t make sense to me.

Anthony Joshua called it a gimmick fight this week. When asked about that fight, he’s like, ‘I’m focused on fighting the best guys in the world. I’m not interested in a gimmick fight right now.’ And that’s one of the big problems with boxing right now, is it’s all about these gimmicky type fights, and that’s just not what I do here.

It’s not what I do. Francis could’ve done a deal here. Hunter [Campbell] threw the kitchen sink at that guy. Hunter went to more dinners with Francis Ngannou and did everything in his power to try to get this fight done, and Francis just thinks that he’s in a position where he’s got some Conor McGregor [vs.

Floyd] Mayweather fight on his hands, which, he does not. That fight was a once-in-a-lifetime type deal — a fight that I wasn’t very interested in, but at the end of the day it became so big, the right guys, the right time, the right place, the fans wanted it, so we did it and we got it done.

MMA guys versus boxers doesn’t make any sense to me, but I know that he thinks there’s all this money in it. I disagree”.

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