Diego Ferreira brutally knocks out Michael Johnson

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Diego Ferreira brutally knocks out Michael Johnson
Diego Ferreira brutally knocks out Michael Johnson (Provided by Financial World)

The recent lightweight clash between the veteran Michael Johnson and Diego Ferreira turned out to be one of the most explosive performances in the UFC fight night 224 event. Diego Ferreira was successful in claiming a victory against Michael Johnson in terrific style; he knocked out Michael Johnson in the second round of the fight.

Ferreira finally broke his losing momentum, and it will be very interesting to see who he ends up fighting next.

It was doubtlessly a gutting loss for Michael Johnson, who has been piling up a lot of losses on his MMA record, which has been updated to 22-19 after yesterday’s performance.

Diego Ferreira’s reaction to his victory

Diego Ferreira seems to be very happy with his performance, and he has earned his right to experience deep fulfilment.

This recent victory will open up new doors in his thriving career, and his future is bright. After winning the match, he expressed the thoughts running around his mind and mentioned how his coaches played a huge role in preparing him for this fight.

“First of all, I wanna say thank god and thank my team”, Ferreira said. “Team 4 has been helping me so much, and I am sorry for the hit the last hit, but my emotions are so off the roof; the right hand, I knew it was going to be how my coach was telling me”.

And wow, it landed; he [Michael Johnson] is not an easy man. I was really looking for working the ground, but damn, my first takedown shot, and it shot off like right away. I think I have to work on the stand up, and that’s what my coach was telling me, whatever is coming, try to capitalize it, and that’s what, the right hand came in right at the right time.

Diego Ferreira could fight one more time before the year ends, and it could be against a well-known opponent.