Conor Mcgregor reacts to Francis Ngannou signing up with PFL

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Conor Mcgregor reacts to Francis Ngannou signing up with PFL
Conor Mcgregor reacts to Francis Ngannou signing up with PFL

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC fighter, recently signed a multi-fight deal with the PFL, where he claims to have a lot more authority than he did in the UFC. Most MMA experts had their say on Ngannou’s recent deal, some comments were positive, and some absolutely negative the notorious Conor McGregor recently spoke about it and shared a neutral response.

Francis Ngannou is expected to appear next year in the MMA cage; before that, he can be seen in the boxing ring against a big name.

Conor McGregor’s take on Francis Ngannou fighting for PFL

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Conor McGregor talks deeply about the former UFC fighter Francis Ngannou’s recent decision to fight for a different organization.

“I’m happy for Francis, first of all,” McGregor said, as quoted by “Fair play to him. He’s done his thing. I still think he should have came to a resolution with the UFC. Who’s he going to fight? Who’s he going to fight that’s going to capture the general public? There’s no one.

There’s no matchup that I can even think of, that I can even say to myself that is going to do big”. “That is commendable, for sure,” he further added. “Like I said, I’m happy for him. I just don’t see a buzz on the announcement.

I can’t see a name that’s going to make me go [stands up]. That’s it”. “I don’t see that happening either,” McGregor comments on Ngannou’s chances of appearing in the boxing ring.

I just think there’s too many better fights available for the [boxers]. The heavyweight division is buzzing. They’ve got so many fights”. “He’s a powerful man, and I saw him in California in amazing condition, working on his physical therapy, and I thought, ‘he looks very well, but I just can’t put a name or a thing that will make the general public jump.

I wish him well, and I’m happy for him, and he got equity and all the rest of it, but he should have stayed. But they’re stubborn in the UFC, as well. So more power, and all the best".

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