Anthony Hernandez is ambitious about the future

Anthony Hernandez looks forward to achieving great success in the UFC.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Hernandez is ambitious about the future

After a comprehensive victory against Edmen Shahbazyan, Anthony Hernandez has earned the right to demand a fight against the top-ranked and well-known opponents as he has proved himself victorious on many occasions. The middleweight contender has a professional record of 11-2, and a few more wins from here will definitely put him on the much-desired top 10-15 rankings.

The 29 year old has a lot of potential, and he showcased his prominence consistently, and it is worth knowing that he is on a very strong winning streak. The middleweight division is filled with talented fighters with a unique skillset and striking abilities.

With so much competition, it is always difficult to be highlighted, and Anthony Hernandez will have to figure out this X factor if he wishes to propel smoothly in the competitive middleweight division.

Anthony Hernandez speaks about his goals

Recently in post fight press conference, the middleweight fighter Anthony Hernandez spoke about fighting opponents from the top 15 and wants to cement his name in the history of UFC.

"I honestly barely follow the UFC", Hernandez said, as quoted by Whoever the f*ck is in that top 15, I will fight. So, Uncle Dana, whoever you want to see me fight, sign me up and I’ll be there”.

“I’m not here to be a fanboy, I’m here to be the biggest f*cking thing in the world,” Hernandez further said. “So, I believed in myself, and I’m just gonna keep focusing on myself. I don’t care what everyone else is doing.

When the time comes, and I have to face them, I will break their soul”. Hernandez seems to be ready to fight anyone, and it will be very interesting to see who the UFC decides to match him up against next. The recent knockout victory was simply a treat for all UFC fans, and if he continues to fight like this, a fight against a well-known opponent cannot be further delayed for him.