Themba Gorimbo acknowledges Colby Covington for supporting him

Themba Gorimbo talks about his loss and how Colby Covington supported him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Themba Gorimbo acknowledges Colby Covington for supporting him

Themba Gorimbo has had a very tough journey in the MMA world, and his recent win against Takashi Sato was much needed; the sweet taste of victory will allow him to progress smoothly in his UFC career. Because of facing losses, Gorimbo was doubted and avoided even by his close ones.

He speaks about the low phase of his career and shares how Colby Covington played a role in being of help. Themba Gorimbo is a welterweight contender, and it will be very interesting to see who he ends up fighting next. He went through the devastating stage after his first loss in the UFC, which came up against AJ Fletcher.

Themba Gorimbo on his previous match

Recently in an interview with MMA Mania, the welterweight fighter Themba Gorimbo reflects on his gutting loss against AJ Fletcher and explains how he was treated after that match. He then speaks about Colby Covington’s role in cheering him up.

"I want to be honest, I know it might hit some people, but the truth must be told as it is, if you love me or hate me, it is what it is,” Themba said, as quoted by “But, it kind of hit me that after the fight, my coaches went to a party, whatever.

I was in that room all by myself, crying, crying over myself. “Everyone just kind of moved away,” he further said. “Straight after my loss, when I got home. Everybody [looked at me] like a guy that was smelling like s—t.

You know, people kind of ignored me. People that I helped kind of ignored me. A lot of people, even people that were close to me, some of them are called my friends ... even my own brother, man. “Colby Covington, he is such a great guy, man,” Gorimbo speaks about Covington.

“Colby Covington sometimes would bring food for me at the gym. People say what they say and want to avoid him, but that guy’s a great man. You have to know him to kind of know him. Just like me —You know, at the end of the day, is business”.

Colby Covington