Sean O’Malley reacts to Aljamain Sterling’s injury claims

Sean O’Malley talks about Aljamain Sterling and his injury.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean O’Malley reacts to Aljamain Sterling’s injury claims

Aljamain Sterling’s recent injury-related comments made fans and the MMA world question the likelihood of his next title defence, and interestingly Henry Cejudo asked If he could fight against Sean O’Malley in his absence.

Sean O’Malley does not seem to be bothered by Aljamain Sterling’s injury and is ready for the challenge ahead. O’Malley is yet to make a return after his controversial win against the top bantamweight contender Petr Yan.

The match against Aljamain Sterling can be labelled as his toughest test yet, and he is one victory away from being the bantamweight champion of the world. We will all have more answers on the 19th of August.

Sean O’Malley on Aljamain Sterling’s injury

Sean O’Malley compares Aljamain Sterling with Israel Adesanya and points out Sterling’s limiting factors; he speaks about this on his YouTube channel.

“He did just fight, but look at Izzy. Motherf*cker fought four times in 12 months,” O’Malley said as quoted by “You have four months. It was four months from the fight. Take two months off and then train hard for two months.

It ain’t f*cking science. … It’s called discipline”. “He acts like he calls the shots,” O’Malley further said. “I’m listening to the UFC. I’m not acting like I call the shots, either.

Dana said August, so I said August. It’s not like I told Dana, ‘Hey, f*cking run it August. I run this sh*t.’ I said, ‘Hey, Uncle Dana.’ I didn’t call him daddy like he said. I said, ‘Hey, Uncle Dana.

When do you want me to beat up Aljo?’ And it happened to be August. I don’t know what his point is here. I don’t know what his plan is by even tweeting that”. In less than three months, UFC fans will witness one of the greatest matches of the year, and even If Sterling does not make it, the event will still be exciting to watch as other top contenders like Merab Dvalishvili or Henry Cejudo could step in.

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