Tom Aspinall excited about his comeback fight

Tom Aspinall will be making his return exactly after 1 year of getting injured.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tom Aspinall excited about his comeback fight

The heavyweight fighter Tom Aspinall is ready for his comeback knock after suffering a nasty knee injury that prevented him from fighting for about a year. He will be fighting Marcin Tybura on 22nd July. Interstingly, the match is schdeuled to happen on the same date as his last match against Curtis Blaydes and it will also take place in the same venue.

The loss against Curtis Blaydes was his first-ever defeat in the UFC, and it will be great to see how differently Tom Aspinall performs after coming out of the injury. Tom Aspinall has a professional record of 12-3 and is currently the 5th-ranked heavyweight contender in the world.

A strong leg kick caused the injury last year; however, Tom Aspinall has totally recovered from it and looks forward to making some noise on 22nd July.

Tom Aspinall talks about injury and his next fight

Instead of focusing on the negatives, Tom Aspinall looks at the brighter side of the scenario and explains how the injury reshaped him as a fighter.

He spoke about this in an interview with BT Sport. “I feel like I need to go back to the O2 Arena and absolutely spark someone,” Aspinall said as quoted by “And I’m itching to do it to like right that wrong.

I want to knock someone out in the O2 Arena. … I couldn’t be happier that they’re putting me on the O2, as a main event as well. The same spot that it happened. Almost a year later to the day. “I’ve got a lot to prove, I’ve got a chip on my shoulder and these heavyweights are in for a bad time now, let me tell you”.

“I think that pre-injury Tom Aspinall and post-surgery Tom Aspinall are two completely different people,” Aspinall further mentions how motivated he is to fight. “I think before, everything was going well and I was just blaze about the whole thing.

… And I didn’t realize how much I loved this sport and how much I want to do it until it was potentially taken away from me. I had no idea how much I am desperate for greatness until it was almost taken away from me. Now I wake up every morning and I can’t wait to go to the gym and train”.