Francis Ngannou talks about the unfair treatment received from the UFC

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Francis Ngannou talks about the unfair treatment received from the UFC
Francis Ngannou talks about the unfair treatment received from the UFC

The former UFC fighter Francis Ngannou has been speaking a lot about how the organization treated him unfairly – from low purse value to unfair contract obligations; Ngannou has been through a lot. However, last year after claiming a victory over Ciryl Gane, he decided to leave UFC forever and almost after a year and a half, he announced his return to the Professional Fighters League.

Francis Ngannou received lower pay in the match against Cain Velasquez in spite of securing a first round knockout victory. Ngannou received $110,000 after winning, and Cain Velasquez, who lost, got paid nearly 4 times more; he received $450,000.

He won’t experience any of this with the PFL, as his new contract gives him more authority and promises a high payout.

Francis Ngannou on his experience with the UFC

Recently on the LeBatard Show, the former UFC fighter Francis Ngannou speaks about the unjust treatment he received from the UFC and how he was obligated to fight because of ‘dirty games’ played by the organization.

He also reveals the figures he earned for his matches. “I had an eight-fight contract and I wanted to fulfill that contract, but they wouldn’t allow me since I wasn’t going to sign another contract because they know that if I fulfill that contract, I’m automatically free,” Ngannou said as quoted by

“They used some kind of dirty game there, freeze me out, they knew how much I was getting per fight. It wasn’t much at all, few pennies. They knew I couldn’t make a living out of it so I had to come back and accept that contract.

That was after the Junior dos Santos fight in June 2019. One of the things that was hard about that as well was the pressure they were putting on [me]. I’m just me and they are them. They are massive”. “100 ... 120,” Ngannou said in response to being asked the purse value for his fights.

Francis Ngannou

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