Vicente Luque is ready for his match against Rafael Dos Anjos

Vicente Luque talks about Rafael Dos Anjos and his mindset ahead of the event.

by Aryan Lakhani
Vicente Luque is ready for his match against Rafael Dos Anjos

The welterweight fighter Vicente Luque is on a 2 match-losing streak and will be returning after a year on August 12th against the well-known fighter Rafael Dos Anjos. An important knock for both the fighters as a win will allow them to propel smoothly in the competitive division.

Rafael Dos Anjos made a jump to welterweight for this match; his previous match against Rafael Fiziev didn't go so well; he got knocked out in the 5th round. UFC fans are eagerly waiting for this one, and it will be fascinating to see what happens on August 12th.

Vicente Luque on fighting Rafael Dos Anjos

Recently in an interview with Middle Easy, Vicente Luque expressively speaks about the thoughts running around his mind ahead of the welterweight clash against Rafael Dos Anjos; he also addresses the strengths RDA has over him and explains how he will respond to it in the ring.

"'I've got to be too strategical," Luque said, as quoted by "I've got to make sure that this or that doesn't happen so that I can do this, and then I'm going to get the win, and then I'm going to get those steps toward the title, and then I can fight for the title, and then I can become champion' – and that's never been me.

So I think that now, that's the key: just to go in there and do what I do, because what I do is always good, it's always fun and it has worked all my life". Vicente Luque is up for a challenge; Rafael Dos Anjos is no easy test; both fighters have a unique set of skills and abilities, and the one who uses his strengths more creatively will emerge victoriously.

Vicente Luque knows the advantage RDA has over him and looks forward to acclimatising in accordance with his opponent's fighting style. "Maybe he's going to have the slight speed advantage. That's not something that worries me that much because I am pretty quick with my hands and the foot movement, and that's something I've been working even more now.

So that's something that I'm not going to be too concerned about. And the other advantage, I think, is the reach, so I'm going to have also the reach advantage on him. I think it's mostly going to be how I'm able to use that in my favor".