Ian Garry Machado ambitious about bringing UFC back to Ireland

Ian Garry Machado looks forward to fighting in Ireland in the distant future.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ian Garry Machado ambitious about bringing UFC back to Ireland

All fighters, at some point, think about fighting in their native places; in terms of experience, it’s a lot more different to fight at home – the crowd is in your favour, and the sweet taste of victory is effortlessly multiplied.

Ian Garry Machado, the rising UFC fighter, is achieving phenomenal success in the sport of MMA, and no one can stop him from reaching great heights if he continues to compete like this. The recent knockout victory against Daniel Rodriguez opened new doors in his emerging career, and it will be very interesting to see if he can have enough influence on the UFC to turn his dream of fighting in Ireland into a reality.

Ian Machado Garry on bringing it home

Recently on The MMA Hour, the undefeated Ian Garry Machado shares his thoughts on his career so far, and the support is receiving from the Irish fans. He further speaks about other how other Irish fighters will play a huge role in bringing the UFC back to Ireland.

“If I’m getting Irish support in Ireland, in Dublin, there’s never going to be anywhere else where it’s going to be louder than when I’m at home and I feel like the Irish deserve the support,” Machado Garry said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “The Irish deserve the crowd, they deserve the show of the UFC coming back to Ireland.

We’ve done so much for the sport. The sport is booming right now at the moment. I’m absolutely smashing it. I’m going to be ranked 15 tomorrow. “You’ve obviously got Conor on the comeback, whenever he’s back against Chandler.

And then you look at it, we’ve got three Cage Warriors Irish Champions. We’ve got Caolan Loughran, we’ve got Paul Hughes, we’ve got Rhys McKee. He further said:Those boys are all on the verge of signing for the UFC now, so it is inevitable that the UFC are going to come back.

They’re going to come back to Ireland and I’m the guy who is going to make it happen and I’m excited for it”.