Amanda Nunes thought of retiring after losing against Juliana Pena

Amanda Nunes reveals that she thought of retiring after the unsuccessful title defense against Juliana Pena.

by Aryan Lakhani
Amanda Nunes thought of retiring after losing against Juliana Pena

The loss against Juliana Pena was one of Amanda Nunes's worst moments ever, her emotions got the better of her, and for the moment, she thought her career was over. This match took place in 2021, and Juliana Pena snatched away everything from Amanda Nunes with a submission victory.

However, Pena could not sustain the bantamweight belt for long and lost it in the rematch against Amanda Nunes. The trilogy was supposed to happen this year, but Juliana Pena pulled out of the match due to an injury, and then the UFC decided to give Irene Aldana the title shot.

Amanda Nunes shares her thoughts on the loss

Recently in an interview with ESPN, The UFC women's bantamweight champion of the world, Amanda Nunes, speaks about the unsuccessful title defence and reflects on how she almost decided to end her career because of it.

"I was very confused," Nunes said, as quoted by "Losing my belt was crazy. But at the same time, I know I was sad. Something was wrong. Something wasn't right. And that's why it looked, like, not real for me.

And then when actually I saw Din (Thomas), right in the arena outside, and I gave him a hug, I looked at him and I said, 'I think I'm done.' And we looked at each other, and he looked: 'Are you sure? OK, call me later. Talk to me later.".

She further said: "I drove back home, and I was putting my thoughts together, – everything: what I went through, going through that camp, everything that I was upset about – and I was sad too, a couple moments in the camp, when I put everything together and me and (my wife) Nina were talking, I said, 'I cannot leave my belt with Julianna.

It can be (anybody) else but her. I cannot leave my belt with that girl. She's not deserving of that belt. She didn't do anything to really deserve to hold that belt'".

Amanda Nunes