Bryce Mitchell calls out Movsar Evloev to fight in August

Bryce Mitchell and Movsar Evloev agree to fight in August.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bryce Mitchell calls out Movsar Evloev to fight in August

Movsar Evloev has caught Bryce Mitchell's attention and now looks forward to seizing the opportunity by proposing a fight in August under the UFC 292 card. The two talented featherweights were first supposed to clash in May, but the fight got cancelled because Bryce Mitchell got injured and was forced to pull out of the event.

As of now, it's just a verbal call-out. The UFC will most probably make the fight happen since it is the second time the match has failed to take place. It was first cancelled in November last year; hopefully, before the end of 2023, fans will get to see the thrilling featherweight clash.

Since Bryce Mitchell pulled out, Evloev went on to fight against Diego Lopes and extended his winning streak via unanimous decision; he now has a professional record of 17-0.

Bryce Mitchell and Movsar Evloev are ready to fight

The featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell uploaded a video in which he calls out Movsar Evloev to fight on 5th August.

Here's exactly what he said: "Hey, Movsar, I hear you're still trying to fight me," Mitchell said, as quoted by "That's good 'cause I'm looking for somebody to fight. How about Aug. 5 in Nashville? Until then, I got bigger fish to fry than you, buddy".

Movsar Evloev tweeted in response: "After I kick you're a**, I will invite you for a nice fish dinner — so that you don't have to eat those filthy infested fish from that swamp you call your back yard. Let's do UFC292 in Boston!

@ThugnastyMMA". It looks like the two fighters are pretty serious about competing against each other, and it will be interesting to see if the UFC can make it happen in August as the fighters have demanded. Both fighters have a high winning rate, which is what makes the contest exciting to watch. Bryce Mitchell lost against Ilia Topuria last year in December and is yet to make a return after his last match.